Filming locations of the Greek Netflix series ‘Maestro in Blue’ (updated season 2)

Filming locations of the Greek Netflix series ‘Maestro in Blue’’

Have you seen ‘Maestro in Blue yet’ yet? It is the first Greek-spoken series that has been released worldwide through Netflix. In the series, we see some beautiful Greek landscapes, villages and beaches. I would totally understand it if you’re reading this blog right because you want to book your next holiday to these exact spots. Therefore this article is going into the most important filming locations of the Greek Netflix series ‘Maestro in Blue’. Both season 1 and 2! I do include their locations on Google Maps as well.

Where – on which Greek island – is ‘Maestro in Blue’ filmed?’

Maestro in Blue is mainly filmed on the tiny but beautiful Greek island of Paxos. Paxos is part of the Ionian island group (on the west side of Greece close to Italy) and situated between the islands of Corfu and Lefkada.

In the series, several visits are made to the nearby island of Corfu. So Corfu is one of the filming locations as well.

Finally, some scenes in season 1 and a lot of scenes in season 2 are shot in Athens.

How to get to Corfu and Paxos?

Paxos does not have an airport. You can only reach it by boat from either Corfu, Lefkada or Igoumenitsa on the mainland. The easiest way is through Corfu, which has an international airport from which you can be (with Kamelia Lines) picked up and brought directly to the port where the ferry to Paxos leaves. But in my opinion you shouldn’t do that, and stay a few days on Corfu as well!

One of the ferries of Kamelia Lines (Lefkada Palace) also connects Paxos to Lefkada and the other Ionian islands.

From Igoumenitsa to Paxos, Kerkyra Lines has a connection.

From Corfu, you can also do a 1-day boat tour to Paxos and Antipaxos to see the highlights, without staying over on Paxos.

Corfu Travel Guide

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Where to stay on Paxos?

  • Paxos Villas: half an hour walk from Gaios, so outside the hustle and bustle but still central. With an UNBELIEVABLE beach view!
  • Alia Studios: newly renovated studios in the heart of Gaios, that a
  • Sweet Dreams Maisonette: Unbelievable value for money, so friendly priced and still renovated, almost on the harbor front of Gaios and a few minutes walk to the nearest beach.
  • Villa Alexandros: Looking for a private villa? Villa Alexandros could be a contender. It is close to Loggos village but you can still relax in total piece and hang at the pool if you don’t want to go anywhere.

Filming locations of Maestro in Blue in Athens

Season 1/2

  • The family house of Klelia, her parents and grandmother (in Paxos in the series) is not shot in Paxos but actually near Athens. It is the Sinterina Estate!

Season 2

Filming locations of Maestro in Blue on Paxos

Let’s get into the prime filming locations of Maestro in Blue on Paxos island:


In the series, we mainly see Gaios which is the main village of Paxos.

  • We see the picturesque harborfront. This is where Klelia and Orestis first meet in Paxos, but also the place where Klelia repeatedly has drinks with her friends (most probably at Themellio bar), before hasting off to Orestis’ car after seeing him passing by. We also see Porto Vecchio cafe in the last episode of season 2.
  • The pink-painted churches of Agia Triada and Analipsi we see are also located in Gaios center.
  • Gaios is also the place where the end scene takes place, when Mrs. Haris sings her song for the festival on the stone pier we see in the picture below.
  • In season 2, Maria visits the church and priest at Panagia island right in front of the Gaios harbor.
  • The police officer in season 2, stays in an impressive and remarkable old mansion on the Gaios seafront, right behind Manesko.
  • In season 2, we see Maria & Mrs. Haris have a drink at Le Rocher bar in Loggos village.
  • Another village of Paxos, Lakka, is used as filming location of the clay-colored neoclassical ‘school’ and rehearsal place.
Viewpoint of the cliffs
  • When Sofia (the mother of the family) secretly meets with the doctor, we see them on a beautiful viewpoint above some cliffs. This is the viewpoint of Ypapanti’s cave.
Erimitis & Voutoumi beach

Klelia and Orestis sneak away to the beach a lot in Maestro.

  • One of the beaches that was used as a filming location most definitely is Erimitis beach which can be reached through a short hike. It is one of the must stunning and also raw beaches of Paxos. It is also in a scene in season 2, the same exact beach.
  • Another beach we see them swimming on is Voutoumi beach, on Antipaxos. You can get here by boat from Paxos.
Blue Caves
  • On one occasion Klelia and Orestis sneak away by boat, but have to be rescued by the port police because they can’t return in the rough seas. At this moment, they have sneaked away to the Blue Caves. In one of these caves, there is a beach inside the cave (as you can see on the picture) and that’s what we also see in one of the scenes.
  • In season 2, we see Fanis and Spyros also meet here in all secrecy.
Church of Hypapanti: Mrs. Harris’ wedding & Klelia driving on the scooter  + Chapel of Agios Spiridon
  • Mrs. Harris’ (in her younger years) wedding, where we see the guests dancing while her former lover arrives, takes place at the Hypapanti church. Maria is dancing here in several scenes in season 2 as well.
  • We see the same spot used as a backdrop several times during the series, for instance when Klelia is driving her scooter in the first episode.
  • But also in the scene just before Mrs. Harris’ ex-lover arrives at the scene of her wedding.
  • In the last turn on the road leading down to this church, we find a stone arch belonging to a house. We see this stone arch several times in the series. Klelia and Orestis talk in front of it for instance.
  • If you take the dirt road in this turn, you will see on your left the ruins of a house. It is within these ruins that Antonis shot Haralambos.
Taverna Bournaos
  • When Orestis brings Klelia home we see them stopping (the blue car and the Vespa) in front of Bournaos taverna. This is also the location where Antonis once performs and sings a song.

Filming locations of Maestro in Blue on Corfu

When Klelia (and Klelia and her father) and Orestis are visiting Corfu, we clearly see them visiting the following places in the old town of Corfu:

Cavalieri Hotel
  • When Klelia meets Orestis for the first time, she is on a visit of Corfu with her father, Fanis, for an opening ceremony. This all takes place inside the Cavalieri Hotel in Corfu town. It also has a stunning rooftop that everyone can go up to for dinner and drinks to enjoy the view of Corfu town.
Museum of Asian Art & Old Fortress in Corfu town
  • When Orestis is checking out the Corfiot musicians for the festival, while finding out that Klelia has also come to Corfu, this is at the front of the Museum of Asian Art in Corfu town. The museum is shown again in season 2, cause the police officer is performing in front of the museum with the orchestra.
  • We also see the Old Fortress of Corfu as a backdrop later in this episode, and in season 2 as well.
Spianada & Liston
  • The series also shows us Klelia and Orestis walking at the Liston promenade (it reminds of Paris because it is supposed to look like Rue de Rivoli), and we see the nearby Spianada square.
  • In season 2, Corfu old town is shown at easter time (the biggest Easter celebration of Corfu and definitely worth a visit). The view is from a balcony right on the Liston.
Saint Spyridon Church
  • Corfu also features Orestis on a rooftop. This scene gives a clear view of Corfu town’s most important church, the church of Saint Spyridon.
NOS café, bar on the stairs in the alley of Theotoki Michail & Plous Bookshop
  • A few bars and cafes in Corfu are visible in Meastro, but the one that is most recognizable is NOS café, which is on the square next to Saint Spyridon church.
  • We also see Orestis drinking a coffee and swiping on a dating app before meeting Klelia. This cafe is not listed on Google Maps but its location in Corfu town is in the Theotoki Michail alley, right here.
  • In season 2, Mrs. Haris has a coffee (and meets a police offers) at Bizou Café & Antiques.

I hope you will be able to visit these stunning filming locations of the Greek Netflix series ‘Maestro in Blue’. If you want to know more about Corfu, read one of my other blogs.

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