The best boat trip from Nafplio, Greece

A (half) day cruise to remember! Embark on the best boat trip from Nafplio with Nafplio4Sail and enjoy the hidden beaches and caves of the area.

Probably, when you think of boat trips in Greece, the Greek islands are the first thing that come to mind. However, Nafplio, one of the most beautiful cities of Greece, proves that you don’t need to go to the islands to witness spectacular waters with hidden beaches and caves. Situated on the Peloponnese on a 2-hour drive from Athens, Nafplio4Sail offers a day cruise that is a totally relaxed trip with stunning scenery and splendid food. I sailed along in June 2023 and it did NOT disappoint. So let me tell you all about the best boat trip from Nafplio…

First, please watch the video I made about this boat trip to get an idea of the experience and scenery around Nafplio:


10% discount on the semi private tour if you use the code ‘sophie’ in the booking system!! Nafplio is considered to be a ‘citytrip’ destination 🤭. Well, you know I like to try something different right…. But who knew it is actually the PERFECT destination for a boat trip?! 🚤 I was WOWZED 🤯 to find out the area has many secret beaches 🏖️ and caves with stunning waters 🤩. . Luckily Kostandinos who grew up there, has started @nafplio4sail! They do daily cruises ⛵️ around the area, with different types of ships (including catamaran and rib boat). Private tours also possible. . So what made this trip outstanding? IT WAS SO RELAXING. 😌 Many times a boat trip is actually a boat tour and very exhausting but cruising the Nafplio and Tolo area with them felt like a day off on this intensive trip 😜. And the FOOD that was included 🙌🏻, skipper Manolis is a chef as well so it was yum 🤤🤤 . Yep I definitely recommend half a day or a full day at one of the ships of @nafplio4sail when in Nafplio and it will be a welcome breeze cause the city is hot 🥵. . #nafplio #nafplio4sail #nafpliogreece #greecetravel #greecetiktok #boattrip #greece #peloponnese #mammamiasummer

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Boat & embarkation

On the 56th day of my 81-day Greece trip, I had the pleasure of joining Nafplio4Sail on their half day cruise. At 10 AM I met up with the host in the harbor (in the center) of Nafplio. But there is also the option to go on the tour in the afternoon, mostly 4 PM. We embarked a stable sailing boat, which I was told is the boat they use mostly for this tour. There were lots of options for inside and outside chilling and laying. Inside there is a toilet, so do not worry about that at all. The trip essentially is a group tour, but can be described as ‘semi-private’ because the boats do not fit a lot of people (maximum of 12). After our wonderful host and c0-owner of Nafplio4Sail Kostandinos had welcomed us on board you we set sail (well, in this case engine was doing the job on its own) and enjoyed the views of Nafplio town and the Bourtzi as we left the port. The boat trip takes 4 to 5 hours.

Secret Beaches and Caves around Nafplio

We quickly learned that unexpectedly the area around Nafplio is full of secret beaches and caves that can only be reached by boat. Check the gallery below for an impression. We made one swim stop at a little beach with emerald green waters, before we set sail for a bit (I could even take a little nap in the sun) to cross over to the other side. Here, we made a second swim stop in a little lagoon between 2 uninhabited islands, where the waters were clear and turquoise. There was a cave here you could snorkel into. I won’t be revealing the exact locations of these spots. After all, part of the allure is the mystery that surrounds them, and Nafplio4Sail has done a fantastic job of discovering these hidden gems. On the way back to Nafplio, we sailed past Tolo and Koronisi island, which has a church that could be described as a ‘Mamma Mia movie church dupe’. Super picturesque!

Enhanced Swim Stops through stand up paddling

For those who are a bit more adventurous, there’s a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) on board. It’s a fantastic way to explore the waters around the swim stops and be a little bit active as well.

Food heaven on the boat!

I am not exaggerating if I say that food and drinks are an integral part of the trip. The skipper, Manolis, is not only an expert at navigating the waters but also a talented chef. The meal and snacks provided were filling and so yummy. Drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic) were also included and the glass of wine just made the perfect combo with the food and scenery around us.

Relax and Rejuvenate

This wasn’t the typical boat trip where you’re constantly on the move. The cruise is designed to be incredibly relaxed. There’s no pressure to swim or disembark at any stop. In fact, as I said, there was a moment when I simply took a nap on the deck, lulled by the gentle motion of the boat and the sound of the waves, as we transitioned from one swim spot to another. I was extremely tired at this point of my trip and was anxious another boat trip in the sun would be too much for me. But at the end of the day, I must have said to our host a hundred times that it was so relaxing and couldn’t have been better. This is also the benefit of a boat trip with very few people.

Booking the tour & costs

How to book the (half) day boat trip with Nafplio4Sail (WITH A DISCOUNT)


How much does it cost?

Prices start at € 95 per person for the semi-private half-day cruise. Which includes a full meal, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Get a 10% discount on the semi-private cruise when using the code ‘sophie’

Where to Stay in Nafplio

If you’re planning a stay in Nafplio, there are 2 accommodations that you could consider. Avra Hotel Nafpliou is a modern, basic hotel with a nice garden and swimming pool. It is a 15- to 20-minute walk from the city center and located on the main road into Nafplio. This is a good position to discover the whole area from. A private parking lot as well. Good value for money. Capital Luxury Suites Nafplio are brand new luxurious suites that seem to come right out of a magazine. They are located in the same area as Avra Hotel (roughly), but closer to the seafront.



Nafplio might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of a boat trip in Greece, but this boat trip with Nafplio4Sail is definitely worth it and can easily compete with boat trips on the Greek islands. The boat trip with Nafplio4Sail is a testament to that. Definitely the best boat trip from Nafplio and must-do when you visit this stunning neoclassical city.

Thank you for reading this blog on ”The best boat trip from Nafplio, Greece”. Enjoy your holiday in Greece!

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